The Lion, the Hippo and the Donkey?

young charming ass on white backgroundDid you ever here the story about the Lion, the Hippo and the Donkey. Most likely not cause it is not a very well known story at all.

So one day there was an unusual meeting of a Lion, a hippo and a donkey. Now if you know anything about any of these animals you will understand just how unusual it would be that they all meet. Sure a hippo and lion meeting up is quite normal as they are both South African animals but a donkey? Well it just seems a bit out of the ordinary right?

Well never mind the fact that they seem out of place to be meeting up together as these animals can talk. What talk? Yes talk. I am telling you it would be a pretty short story if they couldn’t!

So they are all met at a drinking hole in well, the location is not important. Then the Lion looks at the donkey and and says to the hippo “Hey check that out, a donkey!” The hippo replies yep. Pretty crazy if you ask me. What the hell is he doing here?” Overhearing the Lion and the hippo talking about him the donkey says to them “Eeee Orrrrr”. I mean that’s what donkeys say right? Sure but then he also said. He guys I am totally lost. I don’t know how I got hear, let alone where I am. Do you mind showing me where I can find a nice place to meet other donkeys?

The Lion and hippo were thinking to themselves. If we knew where any other donkeys were we would be eating them! Well actually that was just the Lion thinking that. The hippo did not have the same urge to eat donkeys as did the Lion. So the hippo said politely. “Look I have never seen any donkeys here before so not sure where you came from, but if I am correct this Lion over here would eat any donkeys he finds.”

The donkey then quietly stepped back and said “Yeah sure no worries guys. I’ll just be on my way then… Hey what is that?” He nudged toward the direction of behind the Lion and the Hippo as if to say there is something behind you. Of course both the Lion and the hippo could see that the donkey was nervous. Nervous cause he now realised the danger of the situation. If he stuck around any longer this seemingly harmless Lion could easily catch him and gobble him up.

But for some reason bot the Lion and the Hippo turned around after the Donkey made out that there was something behind them. Maybe it was the splash in the water from a stone that was dropped from a flying bird over head. Who knows. But there was a sound at the perfect time that the donkey needed for the Lion and the Hippo to turn around.

Was they saw that there was in fact nothing behind them the Lion and Hippo turned around again and the donkey was gone. It was quite uncanny how quickly he had disappeared.

The moral of the story? Don’t trust a donkey. Seriously!

Books, Books and wait… More Books!

BooksRemember back in the day when you wanted to learn something? People would say go and read a book. If you didn’t have a book to read you would go to the library. There you could find an enormous range of books to read on any subject. Stories, adventures, interesting facts and figures. Books for the young and old. There are literally tonnes of books in local libraries all around the world.

But these days we have so much information at our fingertips. Sure library’s are still in high demand. We need them for the traditional means of keeping records and accurate paper documentation and books. But we the internet, computers and smartphones we can now access information anywhere and at any time.

But enough with the technology already – give me the books. Call me old fashioned but its so refreshing to be able to pick up a book and hold it in your hand. It is not the same as holding a kindle or iPad. The feel of the paper and the actual turning from one page to the next, brings a different sensation on the finger tips than simply swiping the screen to move to the next page. You can even smell the pages if the book has a certain age or has been to different places. In essence you cen appreciate the life the book has had when you are reading it. Not from just the scribbled message that a previous owner or reader made in some odd pages, but from the look, feel, smell and texture.

I also like the idea of book exchanges at some hotels or travel destinations. The idea of a living library with no rules other than you need to replace a book with a book. It is a great way for the library to always have fresh books in its inventory. Plus this also leads to each book having a more exciting life as it too may travel the world creating its own adventures. Similar to what may be written on its pages.

I also understand that you may think I am hippo-critical as I write this on a computer and you read it on a screen, thinking but this is no book. Yes I can adapt to changing times and know that this is the best way to reach people in our day and age. But this does not distract the fact that books are books and this is simply information on technology. I hope you understand what I am saying and will take the time to find a new book to read. It may be hard for you to locate, or you may have a nearby bookshelf that plays home to a large selection.

Choose a book and start reading it. Appreciate the sensation of the book and enjoy it!